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CTS focus on help enterprise using VOIP in China mainland, China HongKong and China Taiwan

Q: Who can provider SIP DID number in China?

A: China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile can provider SIP trunk. and also some 3rd provider can do SIP trunk.

Q: I have no china local company, can I get SIP number?

A: Sorry you can not get. According to china law, all phone number need registered under china local company.

Q: When I contact Telecom/Unicom, they told me that need so many days to apply SIP service.

A: We can help to push on the process with our resource, then you can use SIP number ASAP.

Q: When I search in web, why information about China SIP is so less?

A: Goverment SIP trunk service is open in 2018. Also SIP need technical skill. So only a few people can do this.

Q: Teleocm provider give me a list of SIP parameter, it is so complex, i have no idea to move on.

A: You need buy a SBC device to setup with the parameter you get. we can help you to do configuration.

Q: Can I forward SIP to remote office?

A: With CTS SIP server, you can forward local office SIP line to remote.

Q: How to check the number ownership?

A: Call 10000(telecom), 10010(unicom), 10086 (mobile), you can verify if number belong to you.

Who can provider SIP Trunk Service in China

* We have more than 10 years working on China VOIP

* We are foucs service on foreign company

* We have resource of whole china goverment telecom provider

* We have experience of many using SIP scenario

Government Telecom Service Provider

Complex both in technical and business process

3rd Internet Telecom Service Provider

Flexible and easy for instant using

Provider China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile CTS and other providers
Connection Private network
internal connection to provider
Public network
connection through internet
Type PSTN/E1/SIP(private) SIP Trunking(public)
Hardware CTS SBC Box with PSTN/E1/SIP module -
Bill payment Postpaid with monthly telecom phone bill Prepaid to 3rd at first time
Number Owner license License is under customer's self company Can not provider owner license
Applyment time About 10 days when finishing business process 1 days when finishing business process
City number for apply All city in china Specified city in china
Cost composition Onetime Setup fee + number monthly fee + channels monthly fee + CTS service fee + onetime CTS SBC fee Onetime Setup fee + number monthly fee + channels monthly fee + CTS service fee

China SIP Trunk Business Application Process

* Help to get the lower price special for you

* Help to push on the business and technocal process ASAP

* Help to save your time, increase efficiency

* Try using CTS SIP Trunk with simple business process

China SIP Trunk Technical Connection

* Help to provider SBC device connection with telecom provider

* Help to setup SIP forwarding

* Help to save your time, increase efficiency

* Try using CTS SIP Trunk with standard SIP

China SIP Trunk forward to different location

* Help to forwarding SIP number to oversea office or cloud service

* Help to save your time, increase efficiency

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