Migration Current Audiocodec local SBC to Ribbon Cloud SBC and full maintanence by CTS

Cerence is the world’s leading provider of automotive assistants, creating intelligent, flexible and intuitive in-car experiences for the world’s leading automakers. With deep integration with the car itself and the flexibility to bring drivers’ expansive digital life into the car.

Teams Direct Routing in China / SIP Trunk Cloud, Private Cloud Teams SBC / Full maintenance by CTS / Reduce cost

Cerence Requirement and CTS Proposal

In Cerence China Region, Shanghai,Beijing,Chengdu using E1 connection from local provider installed in local office, then put audiocodec SBC connection these E1 line. And then add 3 SBC in Teams Admin Center

Maintanence 3 ofice SBC device is always a mess thing for Cerence. also Cerence need reduce cost of E1 line.

CTS help apply Cloud SIP Trunk from telecom, and put SBC in Cloud, reduce 3 device into 1 device, and CTS response for full maintanence of SBC with SaaS service

So realize phone number in Cloud, SBC in Cloud. Not any hardware put in local office. All maintanence is by CTS

Keep Current Polycom SIP Phone

Cerence have 10 Polycom IP 6000 Conference Phone, CTS put another SIP Cloud PBX so Polycom can connect with


How to Realize Teams Direct Routing in China

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